Opportunity Unlocked

Nicholas Reichenbach - Founder and CEO of Flow Alkaline Spring Water

May 13, 2020 Noah Ifergan Season 1 Episode 6
Opportunity Unlocked
Nicholas Reichenbach - Founder and CEO of Flow Alkaline Spring Water
Show Notes

Nicholas Reichenbach is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Flow Alkaline Spring Water, the sustainably packaged spring water company. 

Flow has attracted an enormous fanbase and attention from some of today’s biggest celebrities. Investors of the company include Shawn Mendes, Post Malone, Chase Utley, and Curtis Chambers and they have launched marketing campaigns with Gwyneth Paltrow and her lifestyle brand Goop. Flow closed their latest $45M funding round on May 4. 

Nicholas has founded and building multiple businesses in the consumer goods, social media, mobile, entertainment and hospitality spaces. These companies include Mindfull Inc. (an organic food & beverage company), Rabbit Inc. (a leading social video chat platform venture-backed by Google Ventures and CrunchFund), GuestDriven (hospitality/hotel SaaS with clients such as Thompson and Hyatt), and Magmic Games (top mobile social game and app publisher having produced over 300 games). 

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Discussion Highlights:  

  • (1:43) Building a superstar brand.  
  • (4:22) Beating the competition - brand, product, distribution.  
  • (8:26) Fostering an attitude of ‘mindful positivity’.  
  • (12:54) Flow’s success with surging demand and fundraising during COVID-19.  
  • (15:18) Finding gaps in the market: trending towards D2C distribution.  
  • (17:56) Personal strengths and weaknesses that this environment has exposed.  
  • (20:00) New focus: wellbeing of his family and himself.  

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