Opportunity Unlocked

Jeff Booth - Founder of BuildDirect, Author, Technology Leader

May 19, 2020 Noah Ifergan Season 1 Episode 7
Opportunity Unlocked
Jeff Booth - Founder of BuildDirect, Author, Technology Leader
Show Notes

Jeff Booth is a visionary leader who has lived at the forefront of technology change for 20 years. He led BuildDirect, a technology company that aimed to simplify the building industry, for nearly two decades through the dot-com meltdown, the 2008 financial crisis, and many waves of technological disruption. 

In January 2020, Jeff released his first book titled “The Price of Tomorrow – Why Deflation is Key to an Abundant Future”. In it, Jeff offers his provocative thesis about the current state of our economies and what must happen to enable a brighter future. 

Jeff has been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, and The Wall Street Journal. In 2015, he was named BCTIA's ‘Person of the Year’, and in 2016 Goldman Sachs named him among its ‘100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs’. 

He is a Founding Partner of OitoLabs, Co-Founder of addyinvest.com and NocNoc, and serves on the boards of Terramera, Cubic Farms, LlamaZOO, and Synthiam. He also contributes time as a Founding Fellow on the Creative Destruction Lab

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Discussion Highlights:  

  • (1:45) Ups and downs with BuildDirect - selling his house to fund the company.  
  • (6:41) Intro to the thesis of 'The Price of Tomorrow' - inflation vs. technology.  
  • (9:58) Defining inflation / deflation and our attachment to them.  
  • (11:54) The worsening debt crisis.  
  • (13:44) Where we are headed if we continue on this economic path: revolutions and war.  
  • (15:09) The effects of COVID on the debt crisis.  
  • (17:30) What are the solutions and can governments cooperate?  
  • (21:46) COVID as a trigger for change.  
  • (24:22) Spotting windows of opportunity for entrepreneurs.  
  • (26:38) Never before told story about leaving his company.  

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