Opportunity Unlocked

Joe Jackman - Founder & CEO of Jackman Reinvents

August 04, 2020 Noah Ifergan Season 1 Episode 13
Opportunity Unlocked
Joe Jackman - Founder & CEO of Jackman Reinvents
Show Notes

Joe Jackman is the Founder and CEO of Jackman Reinvents, the hybrid management consulting, design, and branding agency working with huge clients like Staples and JCPenney.

Joe is a Reinventionist – a pioneer of business growth reshaping businesses back to relevance and success. From his early years as an Executive VP at Loblaws, to overseeing successful reinventions at Duane Reade, Old Navy, and Dave & Busters, Joe has guided companies to become the most powerful and relevant versions of themselves in record time. 

At Jackman Reinvents, Joe and his team of over 100 multi-disciplinary reinventionists have completed hugely successful transformations and engineered hundreds of billions of dollars in sales. 

In his first book, The Reinventionist Mindset, Joe unveils his human-centric approach to corporate transformation and how to reposition change as a force to be embraced. This mindset is especially relevant in the COVID environment where massive change has forced businesses worldwide to react and adapt. 

Discussion Highlights:  

  • (1:28) Who is Joe Jackman and what is Jackman Reinvents?  
  • (3:11) Why is there a resistance to change among businesses?  
  • (7:59) The difference between ‘strategy’ and ‘reinvention’.  
  • (11:53) The Jackman approach to reinvention.  
  • (17:29) Reinventionist principle: embracing uncertainty.  
  • (25:50) Reinventionist principle: seeking insight everywhere.  
  • (30:39) Advice to struggling companies right now.  

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