Opportunity Unlocked

Ellen Hyslop - Co-Founder of The GIST

May 25, 2021 Noah Ifergan Season 2 Episode 5
Opportunity Unlocked
Ellen Hyslop - Co-Founder of The GIST
Show Notes

LinkedIn: Ellen Hyslop 

Ellen Hyslop is the Co-Founder of The GIST. The GIST is a sports media startup that creates sports content, experiences and community that are by women, and for all sports fans. For the last two years, The GIST has shaken up the male-dominated sports media space by creating an inclusive and accessible community for all sports fans through our irreverent, fun and female voice. 

Ellen is Co-Founder and Head of Content for The GIST.  She is mainly responsible for The GIST's content strategy including being the voice of The GIST. Prior to starting The GIST, Ellen was an Underwriter at Chubb Insurance and graduated from Queen's Commerce in 2014. Ellen is a lifelong learner, traveler, and passionate sports fan. 

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